Why blog?

This blog has existed now for 3 years, and its functions have been shifting just like my cells do.

If you scroll below under the line, that is what I orginially wrote to those who were seeking to understand why I blogged.

These thoughts are still true, but it’s kind of comical now for me to look back and read and see what I wrote. These seed-ideas have grown, grown into something I didn’t think was even possible.

The first entry of the blog was this:

1, 2, 3 strikes

I just turned 23 years old a week ago.

I just found out that I have cancer again–for the third time–on my parents anniversary.

1, 2, 3 strikes, you’re out.
I’m not out; cancer is.

And now, after a year of treatment and then a year of being cancer-free, I am back again, typing and blogging and seeking to understand with words.

These are my prayers, my honest thoughts.
They are written to update you, yes, but more importantly to help me sort out and understand what God is doing from this side of a laptop screen.

Why am I blogging? Good question.

[1] I have many friends and family who desire to have updates on my life and what is going on health-wise. It can be (to the fault of no one) overwhelming and a lot to handle to communicate with everyone. Plus, I can forget who I have talked to about what, what they know, how they can be praying for me, etc. This format will help me maintain connection with friends and family and keep us all posted.

[2] My brain needs it. I’m a writer. That’s part of my design. I need to remember these moments for myself, to record, to reflect, to recollect. There can be a lot going on at once and some days slower than others.

[3] My hope is to see God also move in this somewhere. I know he will indeed, there is no doubt in my mind as he has done it before and will do so again. [Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”]  How can I not see it if I am not trying to track all that is going on? He moves and acts a lot differently than I can come to expect, that is for sure.

There will be times when I am just writing out of the Englishy/lover of words self that I am. I am not meaning to confuse but to create and articulate. And other times it will be just plain and straightforward on what is going on. I have honestly no idea how I will write mostly, if one will overshadow another. But its ultimately me writing from every angle my thoughts, observations, updates and prayers.

As for consistency…we will see! Ha, I will try.

Thanks for reading and desiring to know about my life! That is huge to know there are others who are praying and thinking of me. And I am doing so for you, always, in return.

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