I feel like I’ve learned so much about giving thanks this past year, and that I still have so much to learn. In fact, Thanksgiving today is a reminder for me, to bring me back and reflect on the deep truths of gratitude that I have learned and re-learned over this past year. Thankfulness truly being one of the disciplines that I held onto, a sure and strong rope that with each utterance of gratitude wove more and more strains, a rope of hope.

Thankfulness opens up your peripheral vision wider and wider, causing you to notice and see all surrounding you and your circumstances. How often do I do this eye-sight check and strengthening now? Oh, how I hate to admit that these gratitude reflections are less now that I am becoming more “normal.” And yet, I still need these moments of gratitude even more than ever. My eyesight is weakening, and the joy that comes with thankfulness comes in smaller doses.

And why is it now that I think to thank less and less? Oh, you see, its thankfulness that inacts you to recongize that the family, friends, life surrounding you did not come from you but from Someone else. In fact, these joys are all merely on loan. And somehow, in someway, my heart likes to think that I created the life I have around me and give myself credit. This is the exact opposite of giving thanks that you lay upon, transfer, consign to someone else that these joys came from Him and not you. (These are yes, but gifts of graces.) And yet, even though I wish I could admit that I could supply myself these, it is so much more freeing to remember and realize that you could never and will never be able to do so. Our hearts need gratitude to remind us of our place, and yes, this is the freedom and joy it brings to do so.

Here’s to the discipline of giving thanks not just today but daily.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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