Over this past year, I’ve been prescribed so many drugs, so many medications:
IV chemotherapy,
oral chemo pills,
anit-nausea medications,
and yes, I have felt the effects of these, and at times still do. My body energy still not there completely. And yet, what is worse, are the effects on my mind they have still. Oh how small these side-effects were listed on the label, not wanting me to see it seems from fear to anxiety to depression. Minute, minute fine print.

I’ve been realizing and remembering there are other presciptions this year that I’ve been given by the Physician and He has ordered me to take daily. These are the prescriptions that have seemingly gotten lost in the midst of all the others. Their medications are called:

You see, these are the pills I’ve forgotten about in the bathroom cabinet of my mind. They are so far back there that I reached for a different pill bottle, and behold, wow, yes, this was actually what I needed. The Great Physician always knows.

And yes, I am done physically with my prescriptions from the doctors here: no more chemo, no more anti-nausea, but how is it that I stopped taking those other medications of grace, thanksgiving, discipline along with those? And oh, how it makes so much more sense now as I look back and see that I indeed forgot my doses of Him, in fact at times willfully neglecting those prescriptions. How daily I need to receive grace upon grace, and how often I need to take a spoonful of thanksgiving-syrup and see my mind’s aches transform from woes to assured perspective. Why did I think I could ever wean myself off of these medications He has prescribed for my life’s own sake?

You see, these prescriptions of grace, thanksgiving, discipline in the Word are the healing medications for my mind and soul that I consistently need to indeed live. Even though my mind at times believes wholeheartedly that no, its the chemotherapy and the radiation that enables me to do so. In fact, like good medicines should, they are working and complimenting the Great Physicians plans for my health. And yet, at times I am weighed down more by the effects of the physical meds here on earth, their side effects on my mind and body seem to be the most powerful drugs I could ever endure. That is so hard not to believe that there are indeed greater reliefs, greater healing to be received. I need those grace, thanksgiving, discipline doses daily until the end of my days; how have I not seen that through all of this?! Can’t I reminder they are prescribed because I need them, that they are good for me? And yet, in His mercy, like a good Doctor, He reminds me again and again of the value of taking these doses in that He says are good for me, even when I do not feel it or believe it or see the effects of earth-drugs here overwhelming and consuming.

Thank you for the reminder, Great Physician. I will lift my glass of life-water and take the red-blood pill of grace, the sweet syrup of thanksgiving, and the capsule of discipline here in my hands and swallow whole.

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