day 67.

I could recap today’s chemo events for you by telling you, but instead today I’ll show you through my gratitude-reflections.

Shift from the horizontal-hospital perspective to the vertical-Love interceding and initiating. That is who my God is.

  • Thank You for energy to prayer journal and to read the Word despite a restless night.
  • Thank You for parents willing to drive me to treatment, who make lunches, who bring my car from back to campus to their home.
  • Thank You for mama’s who return back to the food court even though you were both just there 15 minutes ago.
  • Thank You for massages and the scent of calm, calming lavendar lotion.
  • Thank You for social workers who are not only there to give practical advice but who are also friends, who understand how your mind and brain see things and counsel you from there.
  • Thank You for creative chemo stickers on my medicine bag, for creative and skilled pharmacists hands.
  • Thank You for nurses who remember you take apple juice, not water, with your chemo pills.
  • Thank You for mama’s baked chicken for lunch.
  • Thank You for restful naps on couches.
  • Thank You for the joy in helping instruct others in Your Word and how to follow You.
  • Thank You for Meg’s willing and servant heart. She is a true friend.
  • Thank You for Celeste’s humor, her affection, her honesty in engaging Your Word.
  • Thank You for grace-reminders targeted at me once again in teachings—Romans 8
  • Thank Your for notebooks, pens, back-up pens when your pen dies;
  • Thank You for the ability to write, comprehend, and take notes on Your Truths.
  • Thank You for Oreo-Overload ice cream at Coldstone.
  • Thank You for Love-It size Oreo-Overload ice cream, ha.
  • Thank You for interactions with friends, for conversations, for honesty.
  • Thank You for multiple friends who are willing to drive you when you can’t always.
  • Thank You for fathers and mothers who stay up and wait for you.
  • Thank You for fathers who—despite not liking blood—help you take care of your IV every night.
  • Thank You for tangible and seeable moments of Your Love.
  • Thank You for Your Love.

One thought on “day 67.

  1. Your response to adversity and suffering has been humbling to watch, even if it is from afar. I have just been thinking about Jesus’ response to the disciples when they ask Him who can be saved, “…with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible…” He says. It reminds me that the impossibility of overcoming suffering is simply a human construct, because the omnipotent God who gave life in the first place has the ability to reverse what we construe as impossible. Many endure suffering, but none escape it. Your response to such gives me confidence that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ can take the seemingly impossible and make it possible.

    You are an example of that.


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