days 36&37.

Hello chemo new year.

And I’ve had 21 days away from chemo, from mid December to now beginning of early January.

21 days goes by fast. And yet, I am grateful for the many things that happened during break.

There are a lot of things to be thankful, grateful for to God:

  • Hang outs with multiple people, so many people, so many friends!
  • Catching up with old friends—like Tina—and new—like Lindsay.
  • Watching friends Sarah & John get married, the Love from Him.
  • Crafting Christmas gifts for my auntie and grandma and watching the joy of their tears.
  • Bringing in the New Year with best friends, best dinner, Trump high school group and my own college homechuch Capetown.
  • Having mulitple sleep-overs with Megs and Celeste.
  • Trying to tackle giant sandwiches at Melt with Celeste haha.
  • Staying up wayyy too late with the both of them, but loving every minute that lengthens the night.
  • Megs visiting me at the hospital! Her willingness to serve, her faithfulness to our friendship, warms me.
  • Megs and I starting and reading For the Love of God. (I’ve never read Ezra before, and in such a great light!)  
  • Convincing Hope to go on a smoothie run with me, and our mouth freezing over with ice-fruit-yougurt delight that matches the freezing weather outside of us.
  • Running errands with Katie, day by day moments quitely accompanioning one another.
  • Playing Scattergories with my roommates and their laughter.
  • Sleeping at my house with roommates!
  • Starting Tai Chi with my parents (oh yes!)
  • Working on teachings with roommate Jenna and surprise!, over the same passage. Read, reflect, connect.
  • Sip, sipping bubble tea with Hannah at one of my favorite places, the North Market.
  • Skylor and I having same chemo slot again, and Searcy visiting us.
  • Getting radiation news and all of that figured out.
  • Sending off an awesome big brother and friend from my high school group with joy.
  • Drinking tons of coffee without feeling too crazy like I do during chemo.
  • Eating and enjoying food again. Digest for health. Digest for pleasure.
  • Listening to pre-order of Punch Brothers over and over. Mesmorizing.
  • Lighting candles. Breath in.
  • Surprising roommates for birthdays.

I could go on, you see.

There is too much to be grateful for, overwhelmed for!

A small voice whispers: Gratitude keeps you grounded in the moment, reflecting back with grace, and creates an anticipicating joy for tomorrow.

Anticipiating joy for tomorrow, oh yes.
I feel it in the innermost part of me, dwelling, being knit there.

That is hope.

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