happy birthday nick!

It’s my doctor’s birthday today.

Amazing how one person’s existence can completely change yours, in fact, add on to your existence, your years of your own life. Amazing.

I am a 10 year cancer survivor because of this man and all that sum up him: his empathetic heart, the stewardship of his mind, his intellect to focus in and understand the nature of sarcomas.

I’ve known Nick since I was 13. He has literally seen me grow up during my teenage years. He’s seen me graduate middle school, high school and college, deeming me “rock star” as I did school work alongside my chemotherapy treatments. Along with his team, he’s enabled those graduations to happen for my family and I and many other life moments. He’s helped bring those moments for so many more other survivor friends of mine too.

He continues to bring those moments for me now in his wisdom for my treatments, for my health.

Without him and his honest thoughts he’s always willing to give me about my cancer, my diagnosis, my health, I don’t think I would be doing treatments again for the third time in my life. Thank you for those conversations, Nick.

Reflection: we are all truly dependent upon and are necessary to one another. God placed each person on this earth for a specific purpose and plan which effects you, me. (Ephesians 2:10) How quickly and easily we forget and dismiss our dependency as we pass people in a hallway, at the grocery store, sitting together in a waiting room. How often do I think of the person next to me and dwell that she is someone’s friend, a mother, a teacher, a comforter, pouring into and engaging in lives around both of us?

I don’t think.

I need to acknowledge and recognize more often. I would be more compassionate, more empathetic then.

Gratitude, gratitude that my life interlocks to yours, and yours to mine, ours to others.
Gratitude, gratitude that God is the ultimate connector and interlocker of lives and desires to use us for His good.

Happy Birthday Nick!


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