day 28: hump day update.

It’s the hump day of treatment week.

My arm IVs are becoming tired once the middle of the week hits. Normally, I can keep in my IV for the entire week, receive through them anti-nauea meds, chemo meds, fluids, but now an abrupt stop once Wednesdays hit. sigh. 

Today, I had to be poked 4 times in my arms to get a new IV, pleading to silently in prayer that this needle will hit my vein perfectly, that we won’t a a valve, that I can woo chemo today to enter into my veins (so abnormal, the thought.)

Instead of my normal arm IV, needle/straw in the crux of my elbow, today I received a hand IV.

I dislike hand IVs, recalling all the memories of pre-surgeries, of when anesthesiologists I think secrectly start hand IVs to see how awake you are, how much more medicine you really need. (Maybe that is my own conspiracy, ha!) But actually, the hand today isn’t so bad. The needle not so deep and large. And I can more freely move my arms with my hand now instead to one that is attached to tubes and poles and medication.

I could (possibly) get used to hand IVs.

And my nurse today, felt so bad for all the pricks and pokes the needles tried on my skin. Which was not her fault of course. But I still got a “pokey-prize” that kids at Children’s get when they have a rough poke day. A beautiful green micro-fleece blanket that I was just talking to my mom about on the car-ride there. (Thank you God for inspiring that small comfort from one human to the next.) A new scarf (man, the nurses here know my accessories.)


I am getting more scans next Monday. The wonderful MRI. The CT scan. Let’s document to see how and where treatment is going, if I should decide officially to do surgery or not. Which I myself am not very sure at all where I stand on that regard. From right leg surgery from first diagnosis to now left leg surgery third diagnosis?

Wisdom, wisdom for doctors’ eyes.
Wisdom, wisdom for my own self.

Please pray for these things!

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