day 17.

This past weekend I noticed a trend in the items I purchased:
1 mini rose bud plant
1 terrarium
1 beta fish–

all, LIFE! 

I knew, inituitively, what I was doing. I want to surround myself in my room at my parents with life.

You see, I normally live with 8 other girls and am used to sharing a room with at least 1 other person since I turned 18. And now, at 23, I have a room that is lifeless: only me who is inhabiting it.

I want to surround myself with life, with living things, visual, physical, touchable reminders that there is life surrounding me, lives to take care of near me (plants, a fish) and in that way I am helping sustain some other living creature as many others are helping to sustain me. 

Yes, I am surrounding myself with life to breathe in life and be encouraged by the other creatures God has made around me. I’m sure that is a reason they were created around me, to surround and remind me of all the life there is, that God is the God of the living. That He is Life itself.

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