day 16.

Today, I participated in Flashes of Hope.
And today was a flash of hope! 

Flashes of Hope is a non-profit organization that photographs childhood cancer patients and their families for free.
It is beautiful.
And inspiring.
And fun!

While their make-up artist placed foundation on my face, she commented: “I think I have done you up before.” Wow, great memory! And yes, (sadly) you have. My disease while it sometimes creates lonely spaces in my mind, I have become to realize and see more and more how many people, friends old and new it connects me with.

Click. Click. Click. Flash.
So much different from the body scans of the 4 months, the medical imaging done, done and taken also in hope. But as I look at these photos, I see not the inside but the outside and recognize that yes, this is me. This is me.

Click. Click. Click. Flash.
I was just here 3 days ago, getting not a professional photo shoot done but a PET imaging scan done right here in the same hospital. And yes, the PET was also a flash of hope! 

You see, PET scans highlight and glow and make cancerous tumors illuminate and flash against the black backdrop of your healthy, normal body. But today, as the doctor and my mom and I, pondered over the medical images there was no glow, no lit up tumor where we have been seeing scan after scan bright, bright light of cancer-growing activity [!!!] Instead, now there is dark, dark circle of where once the cancer was growing is now shrinking, creating space, a literal hole in my bone as it diminishes in size. Yes [!!!]

Yes, indeed, today was a flash of hope!

One thought on “day 16.

  1. This is a flash of hope for me too! Praise God! Love you my friend! Prayers for you always and forever! It was so encouraging to me and many others that you felt our prayers on Sunday night! What a blessing ~~
    God hears all of us!!! Love that!


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