day 8.

Today has been so much better. This week has been so much better than round 1 than I could ever imagine. Praise God!

I’ve been feeling pretty great, eating pretty normal for myself, and it was only today where I started to feel pretty worn out afterwards. This seems like major improvement to me and my ability to live still while doing all of this is uplifting and certainly encouraging.

The most encouraging for me for sure is how God has been personally answering prayers and giving me wisdom through His Spirit about how to exactly manuver treatment weeks. How do I rest and yet engage with the world and people around me? When do I converse energy? How do I conserve energy? Where are the things, the people he calls me to that I must wait on him to provide me insight, energy and thoughts and trust in him that they are the most important for me to engage with, converse with, be with that day? You see, I typically want to do and be with everyone all of the time: and that is simply not possible. These moments, these treatments help me to rely on His Spirit and timing more and more, which I could only be grateful for and hope that I learn to listen to more and more quickly and immediately in my life long term.

Pray for continued guidance and healing and this upward trend of health! Thank you friends, as always.

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