negative [!!!]

Bone marrow biopsy results are in: negative.
Negative for cancer cells harboring, clinging to tissue and bones anywhere else. No hidden enemies in unknown trenches, no creating trenches within the walls of tissue and bone.

Praise Him [!!!]

This is miracle news you see, and it is still unnerving and crazy and hard for me to understand. You see, not that this small tumor is a miracle it itself, but it is by statistical definition. With my diagnosis, when I relapse, I should be worse. It should come back faster, more intense, quickly racing throughout me. On a track, in a race—doctors verses cancer cells, running—the cells should (and do in most cases) win. But each time we find invader cells, their troops are smaller in number. From cancer ridden femur and lungs at 13, to smears spread on the back on my pelvis and lungs at 18, to now at 23 the size of a button on the laptop keyboard I’m now typing on. Not only in size are the cancer cells smaller, but in frequency I am abnormal, outside of the statistics, making this turmor miraculous by statisical definition. Relapses for me should be within 6 months – 2 years of being declared cancer free. I am consistently every 5 years.

Bone marrow biospy results are in: negative.
This is miracle news.




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